Aayushman Arya
Co-Founder & COO, Wonderford Esports

Initially, Wonderford Esports was not built on the entire notion of esports; it was created as a platform on which people could come and play different online games via chat, which were unique and created by us. Wonderford was the only name given to it, along with the slogan "Live, Play, and Lead." We continued the concept for a few months, and it went well. However, because India was in the process of being unlocked, people began to live their normal lives and left our online gaming platform. Even so, we continued with very few players and no online presence for the next few months.

But then, in the month of July 2021, we were presented with a golden opportunity. When BGMI (previously known as PUBG Mobile) was released, there was a sudden boom in the Indian esports scene, and many players stepped forward to pursue their careers. I, too, had PUBG friends because I was a long-time player of the game.A few days after the release, Trilok (the company's current co-founder) and Sahil (who was the co-founder initially, but stepped backwards due to some personal reasons), two of my PUBG friends, and I were on a conference call, and we discussed how esports can grow exponetially  in India and how we can create awareness about it, and that's when we decided to seize this opportunity by forming a growing esports organisation, which we named Wonderford Esports (and changed the slogan to “#StraightOuttaUnderground”), and we created this organisation specifically for India's underdog players. Also, we formed this organisation to raise awareness for the esports industry and to make an impact, as most people believed that professional gaming had no future and was a waste of time.